We are part of a large world of modern printing.
Our company includes all integrated printing and visual systems.
Producing all types of colored cardboard using modern offset printing processes
..and we provide all kinds of quality services
(...from packaging cartons for all uses (cosmetics - pharmaceuticals).
The corrugated cardboard packaging we produce - all kinds of artistic and food programs -
It is one of the first integrated companies with parts of the program and an integrated production line.
Our sales span local, Arab and European levels.
Our aim: Uninterrupted ideal service and commitment to maximum quality
We constantly improve and update ourselves and our products.

Success may be possible, but our goal is to maintain and improve it. United Group was founded in 2007.
Its goal is to develop the paper and packaging industry
The most important advantage of choosing Turkey was that it was one of the first countries to industrialize.
It is the first gateway to Europe and the first exporter to Arab markets.
Given our continuous effort to embrace food and other products
Our expert team was there for our customers in the best possible way.
To deliver and maintain its products in the most appropriate way

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