About Us

United Ambalaj was founded in 2008 as a supplier of cardboard and offset printed box products to global and national companies.

It started its operations in 2014 with its knowledge, experience and expert staff, starting with its distributorship.

has started. United Ambalaj, 10,000 m2 land in Gaziantep 2nd Organized Industrial Zone
cardboard and offset printed box with the production facility equipped with the latest technology.
It is one of the leading companies in its products industry. Our company is world class,
high quality, reasonable price, non-harmful to health, friendly to the environment and making human life easier,
in the industry with the basic principles of sustainability, customer satisfaction and on-time delivery.
It aims to be one of the top 100 leading companies in the world.

Mission and Vision

An environmentally friendly, competitive product that will fully meet the demands and expectations of customers.

We produce products with high power and cornerstone quality and provide pre-sales and after-sales service.
To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by providing and support.

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Our Mission

From the rational perspective of our employees who have adopted quality and innovation as principles
environmentally friendly, high quality and competitive products that meet customer demands and expectations by using
produces products and services that make human life easier and improve the quality of life
to present.

our vision

With original content and unique design formulated with functional and innovative approaches
Using price suitability as the main lever in our products, sales to our customers
We keep their satisfaction at the highest level by providing before and after service, total quality
We carry out continuous improvement studies based on the phenomenon of sustainable values.
We make our mark on global markets by strengthening our brand value and position thanks to our production
To be a leading company that hits

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